Posting Fees

All fees are subject to change. User will be notified of any change upon request to post.
• Estimated Value* of no more than $1,000: No Fee and contact information option of either seller or listing agent (ChapelTrader)
• Estimated Value* of between $1,000 and $5,000: 10% Fee and contact information and Contract of Sale through listing agent (ChapelTrader)
• Fee will decrease at a rate or .5% for every increment of $10,000 above $10,000 till a minimum of 3% is reached, thereafter negotiated with seller
• Fee for all listings in the “Properties” section subject to contract with Parish Property Management (Broker) and all subsequent brokers agreements.
Any questions regarding fees can be directed to *Estimated Value subject to opinion and experience of ChapelTrader staff or professional appraisal