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TUMC Columbarium…18 Years Later

By Joe Brocato and Steve Johanson Good restoration projects have a life expectancy of their own. You might have heard, a happy client is worth a thousand dollars. Both these statement have many similarities in that good restoration has a beauty all its own just like a sound B2B relationship. When practical knowledge of building materials and good design can restore life and functional to a structure, as what happen to the columbarium at the Towson United Methodist Church in Towson Maryland a true value engineered and successful project has been completed. The Towson United Methodist Church is located in historic Baltimore County, Maryland, a suburb of Towson. Its past was rooted in 19th century America when the congregation was split...
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Below Grade Water Infiltration

Water infiltrating into below grade spaces occurs when either surface water or ground water travels...
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TAG Tech Talk Building Flashings

Building Exterior Facades are intended to prevent water from entering into the building. Building facades are comprised ...
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